Tests are free and can be taken anonymously.
What does a consultation mean?
If you live and work outside the Amsterdam area you can visit your own.What we will do, what tests you will take, depends on your information.SEX ON THE beach, zonder zand en gedoe.The costs in this case are the deductible of your health insurance, which means they must be paid out of pocket.Visit us as soon as possible in case of: Condom break or unsafe sex, sTI symptoms, a sex partner has warned you for his/her STI.In the Amsterdam area also: Area Health Authority (GGD) the STI polyclinic.Area Health Authority (GGD).Bekend, toegankelijk en lekker voorspelbaar.Was erbij en legde deze tour vast op de foto.Voeg minstens twee delen (verse) sinaasappelsap.Deze cocktail is favoriet bij de dames.
Schenk vervolgens de wodka erbij en eindig met de volle melk.
Blood tests, a blood test is for Syphilis, HIV, possibly for Hepatitis.
Vakantieliefdes, drank en hormonen stuwen de dagen voort.
Schenk anderhalf deel Kahlua auto hover mini drone in het glas.
Ingrediënten vodka (1 deel 30 ml) peach likeur (0,5 deel) sinaasappelsap (2 delen) cranberry sap (1,5 deel) garnering: tropisch fruit bereiden, vul het glas met een flinke portie ijs.
If necessary there will be other check-ups as well.
White russian, de White Russian verdiende zijn sterrenstatus als lievelingsdrankje van The Dude in The Big Lebowski.Questions (anamnesis/case history in the consulting room a nurse will ask you a few questions to find out what tests are needed.Generally speaking the check-up will take 15 -30 minutes.Do you want to know if you are infected?As a sex worker with lots of sexual partners you should take the test every three months for an STI check.

At P G292 the test is free and you can take it anonymously.
We can send you log-in codes if you wish, so that you can read about the results yourself.