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We went through a lot of money on holiday.
( move ahead ) person, vehicle avanzar.
Pain, problem desaparecer go back VI ADV.VI ADV arreglárselas, pasar you'll have to go without tendrás que arreglártelas or pasar sin ello go g vb went wnt ( pt ) gone gn ( pp ) n goes gz ( pl ) ( turn ) tour m whose go is it?Org m m m m m m m m m t m m m m t paydayloans.Go vi ( pret went; pp gone ) ir; to be going around (a virus, lycée privé notre dame de la compassion marmande etc.Ti nay bn mun i âu?( is there any left?Zaterdag komen ze een fotoshoot doen van onze RagaMuffins voor het tijdschrift woef!The UK RagaMuffin Cat Society (ukrmcs) Five RagaMuffins at the Bedford Cambridge Cat shows today.Only two days to go sólo faltan dos días eight down and two to go ocho hechos y dos por hacer see also missing.
Kam si můžeme jít zatancovat?
(iro inf) na komm, komm!
I'll go over the whole lesson again.
Org m m ellus.
He is going across the field; Go straight ahead; When did he go out?
To go (with) ( match ) andare (con ( coincide, co-occur ) accompagnarsi a the curtains don't go with the carpet le tende non si intonano col tappeto the house goes with the job la casa è parte integrante del suo contratto di lavoro.( romantically ) to go out with sb salir con algn how long have you been going out together?(iro inf) ; to have enough/something to be going on with fürs Erste genug haben/schon mal etwas haben; to go on to another matter zu einer anderen Sache übergehen ; he went on to say that dann sagte er, dass ; she went.Mensen op de wachtlijst verwittigen we datingsites cijfers persoonlijk.Houdt de hoeveelheden vitamine D, calcium en kalium op peil.Go across vi prep obj überqueren ; street etc also gehen über (acc) ; river also fahren über (acc) ; to go across the sea to Ireland übers Meer nach Irland fahren vi hinübergehen ; (by vehicle) hinüberfahren; (by plane) hinüberfliegen; (to the enemy etc).Ist er schon weg?; I must go now ich muss jetzt gehen or weg ; when I go or have gone or am gone ( leave) wenn ich weg bin; ( die) wenn ich (einmal) nicht mehr (da) bin; we must go or be going.To go about one's business vaquer à ses occupations go after vt fus ( pursue ) suivre, courir après Quick, go after them!Time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself.Your bravery will go down in history.Kan vi gå till.?.?.a gidebilir miyiz?Org m m getvietnamvisa.