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Appears 6 times in Seasons 12-14.
Cragen is the first of four Law Order characters to be moved from the show to another spinoff.
Lupo: You want it escort quality to be made out of solid gold?
Fair Cop The Gambling Addict : It's referred to several times, usually mentioning his frequent trips to Atlantic City, though it's never known how severe a problem it was.She replaced Captain Cragen, who continually harped to his subordinates of what can't be done, she focused on directing her troops on what can be done.He also loves weaving completely homo escort fabricated stories about his life and (non-existent) wife and kids in order to get closer to witnesses and suspects.Danielle Melnick McCoy's friend and rival.Team Dad : Averted.Fail O Sucky Name : The first four letters of his last name are gratis datingsite pepper 'shat.' Marcus Woll A stereotypically oily defense attorney, who's an ex-DA.
Malcolm Xerox : In 'Burn Baby Burn he turned in to this in order to argue that a former Black Panther who killed a white cop shouldn't be jailed.
Distaff Counterpart : When Abbie suggested they "hang 'em all" in her first episode, McCoy struggled not to laugh.
Depending on the Writer Whether Wright is reasonable or not varies drastically depending on the episode that he's.
Rabid Cop : His early appearances had him as this.Gets a Call-Back in Green's last episode, with Lupo admitting Green helped him keep it together after his brother's death.She looks quite satisfied with the result.(This is why he disappeared after Stone was replaced by McCoy : not enough of a contrast.) Manipulative Bastard Smug Snake Worthy Opponent : A one-sided version at least, since he seemed to genuinely enjoy sparring with Stone (albeit in a rather arrogant, belittling fashion).Team Dad Who Needs Enemies?Deadpan Snarker : Big time.