The lens is very sharp for such an unassuming little camera.
I started bringing the Riva Mini with me occasionally, and when the first images were encouraging, it earned a constant place by my side.
Never having actually shot either the Panasonic or beste sexdate Leica variants, I cant say how they compare to the Minolta except by specs.
I dont like to use the flash much though, so wont have too much more to comment on there.Usually you wont notice it, and if you do, it often adds to the picture.To give you an idea, my favorite cameras are small rangefinders and compacts, and for SLRs, small manual focus models from the late 70s and early 80s (your Minolta X-700s or Nikon EMs).It may well be the only small point and shoot camera you ever need.For general everyday photography, I liked how using low speed film forced the camera to pick larger apertures more often.It assured the reader that the next time you see that once-in-a-lifetime shot, youll be ready.The answer is likely to be thats none of your business.It is, however, quite adequate to the task of isolating someone just a tad for an environmental portrait.
This small lightweight compact camera by, minolta dates from around 1991.
35mm film, point-and-shoot camera.
My only serious digital camera is a Fuji X100S.
I dont tend to pixel peep, but it looks sharp in a pleasing, natural way in most shots, certainly hewing closer to the Minolta (and Leica) school of what Id call situational sharpness (Insert long-winded, boring technical excursus on micro contrast and lens design philosophy.Minolta colors from a point and shoot?Flash pictures are ok as well.Not ideal, but hey, I got a picture.I will try not to duplicate writing about the things these cameras share in common and instead concentrate on explaining why so often the Riva Mini gets the nod over my other point-and-shoots.Ad speak aside, Ive found that yes, that would be great and yes, with the Riva Mini in my pocket, Im ready.(ISO 100 Kodak ProImage print film).Except that, much like the Leica Mini, the Riva also doesnt remember the flash mode certainly a concession to its primary target audience of the photographically uninitiated that would just forget theyd turned it off and its little rubbery buttons, while responsive, dont provide stellar.If this is the kind of equipment you prefer, the Riva Mini may work for you as well.The particular Riva Mini I am using came to me in summer 2013 as one of those magical thrift store finds.It pretty much looks like them.

(The Riva Mini will set ISO from 50 to 3200 with DX coded film, and defaults to ISO 100 with non-DX film or film of lower speed).