hatsan escort dynamic slug

Available barrel lengths: 24/61cm, 26/66cm, 28/71cm and 30/76mm.
Fast Loading System Smart Valve Piston.
Manual cross-button trigger safety.
With drop spacer shims the slope of the durable advanced polymer stock, can be adjusted to allow for a perfect fit.The Raider has a manual cross-button trigger safety and stock finish options include camouflage, matte black and green, all of which are built to withstand tough conditions.Escort Dynova 12 gauge, 3/76mm magnum chamber, kinetic (inertia) system semi auto shotgun.The shotgun can be ordered with ford escort speaker adapter 24in, 26in or 28in barrel.All versions come with a comfortable rubber recoil pad and sling swivels on the stock and magazine cap.Optima Tactical Flashlight with wired control is designed to use with Escort law enforcement shotguns.Magazine cut-off system for single shot.Steel shot suitable multi 5 choke system (F, IM, M, IC, CYL).Available barrel lengths: 22/55cm, 24/61cm, 26/66cm, 28/71cm and 30/76cm.
Unlike the version on the Hatsan website the UK Escort Raider comes with a multi-choke barrel.
The barrel is chrome plated and is therefore oxidization proof, and is fitted with a Picatinny rail for optics which offers an adjustable rear sight, while the fibre optic front sight is also adjustable.
Turkish walnut stock and fore-end with checkering.
A tactical-style shotgun, the Escort Raider is ideal for those taking part in practical or dynamic shooting who have a Section 1 FAC.
The Raider comes with an aluminum alloy receiver specially designed to take the detachable box magazine, which is available in two, five, seven and 10-round versions, plus there is also space for two further rounds to be stored in the butt of the gun.
Comes with the suitable mount.
Hatsan launches new semi-automatic shotgun: The Escort Raider.All barrels are Proof Tested.Comes with 4 stock shims to adjust stock drop and cast.Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption.Size: Diameter.4 mm; Length 122.Ultra light bulb.85A.Black synthetic stock fore-end with checkering.Magazine capacity: 41 rounds.Capability of firing loads from 1 1/8oz (32gr) to 2 3/8oz (66gr) double magnum shells.Gold plated trigger, detachable sling swivels.