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Months after its first official launch, the Hatsan Escort Dynamic autoloading shotgun is not yet available to civilian shooters in most Countries, outside of some selected markets in Europe.
As a consequence, the semi-auto has remained very much a basic working gun, a role in which it excels.
This really is the kind of kit one could open easily with numbed fingers out on the salt marsh and its strong enough to protect the spare choke tubes if trodden.Livré avec 3 cales permettant dajuster la pente et 1 cale permettant dajuster le dévers.Vous possédez déjà un compte, vous n'avez pas encore de compte.Black anodized air craft alloy receiver with 11mm groove for scope mounts.Accessory magazine extension tube increasing capacity.Fast Loading System: Système dapprovisionnement rapide par le bas.Verdict, fulfills the role of a useful multi-purpose gun intended for hard work.Manual cross-button trigger safety.
Available barrel lengths: 22/55cm, 24/61cm, 26/66cm, 28/71cm and 30/76cm.
As stated above, the Hatsan Escort Dynamic autoloading 12-gauge shotgun is already available in a handful of European Countries, at an average street price that doesn't exceed the 500 threshold.
Escort est une marque turque de fusils de chasse spécialisée dans la fabrication de modèles semi-automatiques à emprunt de gaz.
Accueil fusil semi-auto hatsan escort AS C/12/76 - canon DE 71 CM - droitier.
Point of aim for most purposes was with the foresight bead on the centre of the pattern sheet.
Longueur totale 122 cm, poids 3,1 kg, longueur de la crosse au centre: 365.
Accessory migratory plug decreasing capacity.Fusil semi-auto Hatsan Escort AS C/12/76 - Canon de 71 cm - Droitier.As for the soft grey panels inserted in the synthetic stock and fore-end, they really do fulfil their function of providing a comfortable grip.Escort Dynamic-SLG comes with a 24 61cm slug barrel.Smart Valve Piston: ajustement automatique de la pression des gaz.Sûreté manuelle, grenadières sur le bouchon du système demprunt de gaz et sous la crosse.There are also spacers to insert between the stock and receiver to alter the cast all useful aids towards obtaining a good gun fit which is an essential precursor to accuracy.Prospective buyers from the rest of the world should however be aware of the fact that prices can, and will, vary from Country to Country due to different local market policies, taxes, and so on; best thing would be to contact the Hatsan Arms Company.When the Hatsan Escort Dynamic shotgun is fired, these springs absorb most of the recoil energies, and the notches recoil within the stock to dissipate them in a very effective way: the total recoil of a Hatsan Escort Dynamic shotgun using 12-gauge, 76mm/3" shotshells with.The return, or closing, of the bolt is achieved by a return spring located around the tubular magazine.Système Cut-off permettant de bloquer lapprovisionnement en cartouches.What makes the Hatsan Escort Dynamic model different from the rest of the inertia-driven shotguns out there most of which are Benelli design clones is the plethora of outright innovative features it packs, and that make it a superb performer and incredibly easy to operate.Per square inch hören online the standard 28 71cm barrel comes with a 7mm rib, while the slug barrel comes with standard metal sights with tritium inserts.

Comes with 4 stock shims to adjust stock drop and cast.