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Devastated and angry, he laid waste to the city.
Each egg represented one of the elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ice, Light, and Darkness.A fire dragon would probably not be green and blue, shoot ice and blend into darkness.) -No shapeshifting, it gets too confusing -All the dragons are the same age: 10 years.He destroyed everything in his path, killing thousands.Scientists cant be younger than 26 years old.He was eventually downed and killed by the humans, and the last of the dragons vanished.Ten years after the dragons hatched, the scientists there are still running cruel tests on these seven dragons to exploit their secrets.
Thats up to you.
They were given many more lavish gifts than.
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During his reign, the dragon of light laid a clutch of seven eggs.
Over time, his greed and jealousy poisoned his mind, and he made plans in secret to take back his kingdom.You can create your character based on the element you chose.You sexcontact maastricht are one of the seven elemental dragons, and you must conspire with your brothers and sisters to escape.When society was advanced enough, they were worshipped by the humans as gods.Rp will not start until all seven dragon spots and at least three scientist spots are filled!).But dragon maturity works different than human maturity, so they are about as mature as a 16-17 year old human.The ice egg was buried in a lake, frozen solid.

He was not a good king.
Only the dragon of light could soothe the dragon of evil.