/My calendar isn't close at hand, so I can't tell you whether we can come next week or not./ * /I always keep my pencils and escort maxima erasers close at hand when I work on a draft proposal./ close call or shave.
To add to the amount of; increase.
/At the drop of a hat, he would tell the story of the canal he wanted to build./ * /He was quarrelsome and ready to fight at the drop of a hat./ at the eleventh hour prep.Not exciting enough for you, huh?Post See: prom pillar TO post.Phr., nonstandard To enjoy.Often used with "to experience"./Roger's sense of humor was a bit off-center./ Compare: OFF-KEY.Make ends meet.Dorothy traced them with her finger, remembering her long-ago wedding shower.Then you were trying to see through them./There were signs along the highway warning drivers to look out for deer crossing./ look over.
Compare: beside THE point.
/We heard the church clock strike the hour of two./ strike.
To reduce the loudness, brightness, or force.
Sorry, I couldnt sleep.
/Joe called Bob a bad name, so they went back of the school and had it out.
With one's pants down See: catch ONE with ONE'S pants down.
A derivative; a side product.Where did he get it?To gracefully accept criticism.Having no warmth; completely cold.The last time we spoke was at court.To get oneself ready in order to accomplish a demanding or difficult task.In exactly the same words.We heard shouting, and then the clash of swords./Barbara had so many things to do that she could not do justice to her lessons./ * /The newspaper man did not do justice to the story././The boy left home and cut loose from his parents' control./.He reached for the coat with a filthy hand./John has his feet on the ground; he knows he cannot learn everything at once./ * /Ted dreams of sudden riches, but Henry keeps his feet on the ground and expects to work for his money./ * /Mrs.To take away or not give your rightful support, especially through selfish pleasure.

/Joan and Harry have been at each other's throats so long that they have forgotten how much they used to love one another./ at ease or at one's ease adj.