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Odile Nordon, 24, was taking photographs of Delima, a female orangutan roaming free in Malaysia's Semenggoh Wildlife Center on Borneo island on Sunday, when the sexmarkt drenthe animal grabbed at the backpack, Wilfred Landong, the chief park warden of Malaysia's Sarawak state, told The Associated Press.
An orangutan at a wildlife sanctuary fought with a French tourist for her backpack, leaving her bruised and scratched, an official said Tuesday.
Orangutans are native to the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.On Wednesday, it was reported by the press service of the Kaliningrad zoo.Source, aP t 03:05, world."She had scratches and bruise marks on her knees and thighs Landong said, and park rangers gave her medical treatment.The wildlife center has several signs warning visitors to walk away if orangutans approach them because the animals tend to grab at humans and objects, Landong said.
The day before, a 21-year-old female orangutan named Nona and her five year old cub Caesar arrived from the Moscow zoo.
The press service added that the zoo had been waiting for those animals in the collection for three years.
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Orangutans first appeared in the Kaliningrad zoo on A male named Badut and a female Sipora were brought from the Dutch Wassenaar zoo in Kaliningrad.
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Sipora is still alive; however, she is not going to be returned to the Kalinningrad zoo because of her old age.
Soon an 18-year-old male orangutan Benjamin from the Alborg zoo (Denmark) is expected.The animals left the transport cage arnhem prostituees fast enough and began to examine their new home.Box 2128, Brandon, Mississippi 39043.«Immediately after the arrival, the orangutans were released into the internal enclosure of the Tropical house.News 2 years ago, geoBeats, a recent study describes an unusual incident among orangutans in Borneo where a younger female was seen bringing in a male accomplice during a fight with an older female; the victims injuries were so extensive, she died two weeks later.In 2007, when the demolition of the old monkey house began, Sipora and Badut were sent to the Rostov zoo.There are three enclosures in the Tropical house made specially for them.Landong ö3 hören live said the park considered what happened to be "an accident." "We are not faulting anyone he said.They fought briefly over the bag, with Delima ripping Nordon's pants.Mac McGuffee and are protected by the United States and International copyright laws.They have a shaggy, reddish-brown coat, long arms and no tail.