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Pinai is responsible for his parents' deaths and, to add insult to injury, he also gets Ryan fired from his job and deutsche bordelle makes sure that he cannot get another job anywhere in town.Also starring Renato Montalbano ( THE sweet body OF deborah - 1968 Oreste Palella ( revenge FOR revenge - 1968 Barta Barri ( THE people WHO OWN THE dark - 1975 Luciana Petri and Clemente Ukmar.Since this film doesn't try to break any new ground (it's strikingly similar to Santiago's THE devastat OR 1985, which also starred Rick Hill and Kaz Garas it depends more on action set-pieces rather than plot.I'm a son of a bitch!It makes no sense.Of earning a st heavily.When Cowboy dies in a manner similar to Jack's old partner, Jack goes on a one-man killing spree to get revenge.Ross Hagen, who best london escort has had a long and varied career in low-budget genre films, has never been much of an actor, but he makes a serviceable action hero, shooting, chasing and fighting the bad guys while bedding the women (he has a long fight/chase scene.
Always comply with local, state, federal, and international law.
He is saved by a mysterious stranger (actually another government spy) who guns down all the troops.
Made MEN is grand entertainment for the small screen, even though it deserved to be seen on the big screen.
Atkinson" as a screenwriter (The other screenwriters are Guenter Rudorf and Giovanni Simonelli seven deaths IN THE CAT'S EYE - 1973).
Lightning Video, vHS Release, followed by a budget EP-Mode VHS from Avid Entertainment.The Italians don't seem to want to take the chances that the Indonesians.As far as this film goes, this will what are some kinky things to do during sex probably best sum it up: Watch it for the deaths, stay for the brain damage.And not available on DVD in the.S.As a blaxploitation film, it's even worse.He picks off half the posse just with his knife and a rifle (he shoots Wally in the leg while he is in the helicopter but the major carnage comes when Jake arrives home and pulls out the Blastfighter.Lou Ferrigno returns as hulking simpleton Billy, who was rendered retarded during the Vietnam War by getting shot in the head while saving Scott (Reb Brown) from an enemy ambush.Mak's character Kodyjack is a play on TV's kojak (he's called Detective Albert Au, or "Baldy" in the Hong Kong version) and Chang's Supt.They all manage to save the General and kill Dimitri (unfortunately, Sam is long-dead, hanging upside down from a tree and being eaten by rats).