The Type C vessels were given odd numbers, while the Type D were given even sex dating zwolle numbers.
2415.29 Nihon Kkan, Tsurumi Shipyard ecommissioned on 20 November 1945.
Returned to Navy, 1953.Odd numbers from.119.203 Cancelled in August 1944.2 USS Trigger was sunk on by CD-33 and CD-59 with Mikura.26 were sunk during the war.Surrendered to Soviet Union, Served in Soviet Pacific Ocean Fleet as patrol ship EK-40 (1947 target ship TsL-40 (1948 rescue ship Zhiguli (1949).2507.213 Mitsubishi, Kbe Shipyard 12 February 1945 Sunk by naval mine at Busan, 2508.215 Niigata Iron Works 30 December 1945 Decommissioned on Surrendered to Republic of China, and renamed Liaohai.
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They were smaller by 200 tons and the diesel engines that propelled them were also smaller, at 1,900 shaft horsepower (1,400 kW) versus 4,200 shaft horsepower (3,100 kW) for the Ukuru.
The Type C escorts required approximately 20,000 man-hours each, compared to the 35,000 man-hours of the Ukuru s and the 57,000 man-hours of the Mikura.
2430.59 Nihon Kkan, Tsurumi Shipyard 2 February 1945 Decommissioned on Collided with Hyga and sunk at Kure, Salvaged and scrapped on 9 November 1947.
2518.235 Niigata Iron Works Construction stopped in February 1945.
2429.57 Nihon Kkan, Tsurumi Shipyard ecommissioned on Converted to breakwater at Ube, May 1948.2446.91 Cancelled in August 1944.2455.109 Nihon Kkan, Tsurumi Shipyard Construction stopped on Later scrapped.Renamed Rui'an (PF-73) 1952.2515.229 Mitsubishi, Kbe Shipyard Construction stopped in January 1945.

There were 53 finished during the war of the 300 planned, and several completed after World War II ended.
168 vessels They were cancelled while before naming.
Scrapped on 30 November 1947.