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In Jehovah's Witnesses Continuity and Change Chryssides states, after discussing the April 1, 1972 Watchtower article, that, "It would be tedious to comment on each passage in which Watch Tower literature explains the Jehovah's Witnesses' position on prophecy.
58, 6162 "Jehovah's Witness".
Because of disappointment over the changes and unfulfilled predictions, tens of thousands of defections occurred during the first half of Rutherford's tenure, leading to the formation of several Bible Student organizations independent of the Watch Tower Society, most of which still exist.43 "Be "Intensely Occupied" With Your Ministry".307 308 It was also among the most racially and ethnically diverse religious groups in the.I.e the Watchtower people, but I have absolutely no wish to get involved in sectarian jealousies and quibbles.4:18) "Do You See the Evidence of God's Guidance?".231 The family structure is patriarchal.268 269 Although they do not take part in politics, they respect the authority of the governments under which they live.They believe that only Jehovah's Witnesses represent true Christianity, and that other religions fail to meet all the requirements set by God and will soon be destroyed."The Spirit Searches into the Deep Things of God".
"Unity Identifies True Worship".
224 225 Baptized members who fail to report a month of preaching are termed "irregular" and may be counseled by elders; 226 227 those who do not submit reports for six consecutive months are termed "inactive".
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"A Royal Priesthood to Benefit All Mankind".
The meetings are largely devoted to study of Watch Tower Society literature and the Bible.
2 Crompton, Robert (1996)."Is Interfaith God's Way?".See also Raymond Franz, escorte bucureti In Search of Christian Freedom,.Retrieved 27 December 2017.Gebruiksvoorwaarden gelezen en ga ermee akkoord.356 Historian James Irvin Lichti has rejected the description of the denomination as "totalitarian"."Korea escort redline ex отзывы government promises to adopt alternative service system for conscientious objectors".Restorationist : Stark, Rodney ; Iannaccone, Laurence.Het woord 'sekte' vind Wim van toepassing op de Jehova's getuigen, omdat het afwijkt van de standaard.2, a leadership dispute after Russell's death resulted in several groups breaking away, with.Beverley, Crisis of Allegiance, Welch Publishing Company, Burlington, Ontario, 1986, isbn, pages 2526, 101, "For every passage in Society literature that urges members to be bold and courageous in critical pursuits, there are many others that warn about independent thinking and the peril of questioning.