If you are a Mac user, you can install Dotty with brew : brew install lampepfl/brew/dotty, if you are a Linux or Windows user, download the latest release.
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Create a Dotty project: sbt new lampepfl/dotty.
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We have more details on the docs and please join our.Get value, gets nested value, or undefined if unreachable, or a default value if passed.Now you can compile Scala source code: dotc ala, to start the repl, run: dotr.Var values some: nested: key: 'foobar, 'cluded key: 'barfoo' t(values, 'y / returns 'foobar' t(values, 'y / returns undefined t(values, 'y 'defaultval / returns 'defaultval' t(values, 'cluded 'key / returns 'barfoo'.Dottie helps you easily (and with sacrificing too much performance) look up and play with nested keys in objects, without them throwing up in your face.G8, or a Dotty project that cross compiles with Scala 2: sbt new lampepfl/dotty-cross.Bulgaria, General-Toshevo, india, Bhavnagar, united Kingdom, Lincoln, italy.All my foto on my blog m».The fastest way to create a new project in Dotty is using sbt (1.1.4).Or, you can try Dotty in your browser with.Title 'King 'ofessional.

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