, num_1,num_ 2,num_3# To delete SOS.
Telecom operator has to be selected for the respective SIM - Select the power modes (Normal -Most Accurate / kim feenstra escort Medium / Low) - By clicking on the tracking icon, device can be located on a map - By clicking on the calling icon, two.
Care Escort APP's functions include.Positioning function section 1Location tracking 2Real-time trail 3Electronic fence 4Monitoring 5Recording 6Intercom 7Call barring re function section 1Real-time 91 escort gt bumper weather inquiry 2Time synchronization 3Schedule reminder.Health function section 1Temperature monitoring 2Blood pressure monitoring 3Movement step, care Escort APP isa powerful positioning.
Step 2 : Use smart phone to download the xwatch application and then install.Each list is set up using a separate command.SMS format: pw, password,center, number# Additional administrator number.Org; port:8001; center: ; slave sos1 sos2 sos3 profile:1; upload:300S; bat level:95; language:9; zone:5.00; GPS:NO(0 gprs:OK(100 Too complicated?Download the app to send voice and text messages, make calls on the watch and always know the location of it owner!Its funny, but the most of users are caught unawares at this obvious step.User Settings - Click on the three vertical dots at My Tracking Center to access the User Menu - From the User Menu access User settings - Modify settings as per requirement and save.
If you have other parameters, it most likely means that you tested another service and this service changed the settings or our settings have not been set during the watch integration.
It is one of the most common problems when working with them.
Landmarking (Setting Landmarks like Home, School, Mall etc) - Click on landmark icon under xwatch life services to access land-marking - Access landmarks each device by clicking on the Kid Icons on the top - Scroll through the devices list by sliding icons left and.How to return to SeTracker SeTracker does not send SMS commands automatically when being used.Basic Plan - Basic - Manage devices - Real time live tracking of devices.Do not allow children to put device in their mouth by mistake.Geofencing (Setting Authorized and Restricted Areas) - Click on area icon under xwatch life services to access Geo Fencing features - Access geo fences of each device by clicking on the Kid Icons on the top - Scroll through the devices list by sliding icons.Locating Devices (Real time Location, App to Device two-way voice calling) - By clicking on the locate icon in the tracking center, start locating devices - All devices that are tracked by the application will be displayed on the tracker - By clicking the tracking.End call : Quick press during a call.SOS Warning: - Long press for 3 seconds to push a warning/emergency alert to the authorized tracking smart phone running the xwatch mobile application.Repair the known bug.To set the APN, send the command pw,123456,apn, name_APN, login_APN, password_APN#, for example for Beeline: pw,123456,apn, beeline, beeline#.The information on these settings can be found below.If accidentally you or your phone insert a space after the comma/before NEW_password, you can set up the password, which includes the «space» character.Completely disappointed and will not recommend this product or services to anyone ever.When you integrate the watch with any studenten escort service, it sets the data of the server, and other services do not longer receive.

The first step is always pw line, which indicates that the next step will be the watch password, after comma.
Long press for 3 seconds during a call to improve call quality.
Reject call : Quick press while receiving a call.