Specialist of metal fireplace manufacturing, multiple type of chimney are available.
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Janus of Design and frequently representing France in prestigious international trade shows, JC bordelet innovates permanently while maintaining the mastering of metal techniques which make him an irrefutable reference in the profession and the design fireplaces.
JC bordelet, highlight the fire with elegance and soberness; dare the color in a black and white environment ; no sacrifice for the perfection of shapes.Recording of guarantees, doP, scroll.JC Bordelet, fireplace designer, conceive contemporary and modern fireplace.Mural ajustable chimney, central or angular, choose Jc Bordelet as your Wellness creator.Rewarded by numerous distinctions, such as the.
For more than 40 years, JC bordelet has designed and manufactured, in his workshop of Montpelier, metallic fireplaces which naturally fit the heart of your home.
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