Originally used to describe high fashion, or the ultimate in good taste.
Merde figuré, familier (problème, ennui) ( slang, australia escort twitter vulgar, UK ) cock-up, balls-up ( vulgar, slang ) screw-up Il y a eu une merde avec le train, il est arrivé avec une heure de retard.
Noun edit putain f ( plural putains ) ( vulgar ) whore, hooker ( derogatory, vulgar, slang ) bitch, cow (an unpleasant woman) Synonyms edit (whore, unpleasant woman pute Interjection edit putain ( vulgar ) fuck, fucking hell, bloody hell Synonyms: punaise, purée (euphemistic) Derived.Bcbg (noun phrase, used as an adjective, both genders) prim and proper (literally).It didn't help her political career, which was quite short, and convinced the French, who deep down are quite conservative, that she was too vulgar for the job.The phrase "en avant, Simone, c'est moi qui ramone!(verb phrase) go get fucked up the ass by the Greeks!
Turlute (noun, f) blowjob v va t'faire enculer chez les Grecs!
Gay slang for shooting cum on someone during sex.
e emmener Popaul au cirque (verb phrase) to take Joe Blow to the circus.
Needless to say, Popaul enjoys the circus immensely.
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WordReference English-French Dictionary 2018: Principales traductions merde familier (excrément solide) ( excrement: slang, vulgar ) shit, crap ( piece of excrement ) turd ( informal ) mess Il y a toujours une merde de chien sur le trottoir.Bigornette (noun; vrouw zoekt sex maatje fem) cocaine/horse litt.Drague (noun, fem.) looking for sex partners Literal translation: dredge.S salop / salaud bastard salope bitch, slut se branler to wank, to masturbate Literally "to wobble oneself".Viande a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires pedestrian.

Bloblos (noun, feminine, plural) large, fat, drooping boobs The word can be considered somewhat vulgar - except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone.
Bitch, cow, etc Derogatory term for a woman.