'cunt' (as used in UK English "Quel con" "What an idiot" exp.
You fucked me, fucking crap (whorehouse shit)!
Ouf adj., Crazy, ridiculous.Jesus fucking Christ, Charlie, we're in escrow, and you're bleeding all over my fucking floor?If you haven't yet come across this classic Gallic gros mot, then it's highly likely that someone has used it about you (especially if you've tried driving on the roads).To understand this, think about how it would sound to you if a foreignerwith a strong accent and odd rhythm of speechcame up to you and said "Dude, what a sketchy-ass hater that bizz-natch was, I totally was just like 'fuck off fo-sheezy.Pron., qui, "that" or "which".'badger Loser bl-AIR-roh Blairer., litt.Some say using "putain" is a good sign you're going native but our language expert recommends all learners steer clear sexdate afspreken of slang in the beginning because the risk of getting it wrong is all too great.Metaphorically, slang for 'to break' or 'to be great'.conne (fem.) adj., stupid "J'ai été con quand j'ai décidé de sortir" "I was stupid when I decided to go out"., litt.but the lips should be in a tight circle as if you are saying "ooo".Slang for "stupid" DAY-beel Dirlo.
Tell me more "Putain is the most commonly-used swear word among French people (and among expats who've been here longer than three years.).
That is what your throat should be doing when pronouncing the.
"It's very easy to use a strong slang word while not understanding how strong.
Verlan is, unlike Pig Latin, quite commonly used among young tiener sex contact adults and even adults.
Chevalier-Karfis, the founder of the language site, french Today, says putain is "as versatile as 'fuck' but less strong".
Creh-vay lah crehve Crever la dalle I'm starving Creh-vay la dal Débile.
"Fous le camp "Dégage!" (see the verb 'Foutre "Fuck you Go fuck yourself" "Va te faire foutre/enculer" adjective "This is fucking awful" "Putain, ça craint C'est bordelique C'est de la merde" "I am so fucked-up" "Je suis barré/perché" (mental state "Je suis totalement bourré(e (drunk.To wobble, to wank) suh BRAhn-lay Ça a été exp., it went well; also a question "Ta présentation, ça a été?" "How'd your presentation go?" ; Answers to this question: "Ouais, ça a été" (Yes, it went well) / "Pas du tout" (Not at all) saw.E.g "il est débile grave, lui!" or "il est grave débile, lui!" (he's really stupid) grah-ve Gueule., slang for 'mouth' or 'face'.(the d is dropped in Verlan because the final d does not pronounce in lourd ).Ban-yole Bahut., Slang for 'high school' (formerly for 'factory Barj' or Barjot adj., mad., a madman BARge bahr-joe Bander., to become erect, to get a hard-on bahn-day Beh same as 'Ben' Ben interj.You can also use it as an adjective: This putain de chien is "this f*ker of a dog." SEE also: 11 signs you've cracked French.Sometimes "arse ass as in "J'aime Trop Ton Boule" (I Want Your Ass a song by French Rapper Fatal Bazooka Can be a synonym for 'tête or 'head' in its slang usage; a rough equivalent in English would be 'face' rather than 'head.e.: "Ta.