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A German court last month overturned a traffic citation after prosecutors failed to prove the accuracy of a new laser-based speed camera technology.
An outside audit of the Sacramento, California red light camera program confirmed that tickets were issued at an intersection where the yellow warning period on occasion flashed by faster than the eye could see.
More » orangutans im bordell Texas: Accidents Increase at Controversial Red Light Camera Intersection - Overall accidents rise at Baytown, Texas intersection a 18 months after installation of red light cameras.The Escort Live app enables other Escort-using drivers to help you avoid costly radar speed traps.More » Red light cameras: Bill would require car owners to 'snitch' - Getting a red light camera ticket can cost you dearly - up to 500.More » Chicago, Illinois the 6th Most Ticketed US City - Addition of speed cameras to the streets of Chicago, Illinois likely to increase its speed trap rating.The camera helped boost the grand total of citations mailed since January 2007 to 82,448 tickets worth 32,532,203.But a one-time hit of, say, 300 for a decent radar detector is cheaper than even a single big speeding ticket and the higher insurance costs that will come with.Ron Martin, 33, was arrested last October after an officer saw him standing in ameteur hoer the median on the Eldorado Parkway in Frisco holding a sign that read "Police ahead letting drivers know an officer was waiting at the opposite side of a nearby bridge.With the deadline looming, supporters are scrambling to save the program.The Tennessee General Assembly on Tuesday gave final approval to legislation authorizing the Tennessee Department of Transportation (tdot) and Tennessee Highway Patrol to ticket motorists on interstate freeway work zones using automated cameras.Mayor Anise Parker wanted the cameras back on for revenue reasons and US District Court Judge Lynn.
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One of the first Florida towns to rush into the use of red light cameras has seen an increase, not a decrease, in the number of accidents since the devices were installed.
The top legal speed in the state of Kansas is one signature away from becoming 75 MPH.More » Houston, Texas Banks on Short Yellows - Red light cameras in the Houston, Texas area are earning millions of dollars in extra revenue by trapping motorists with short yellow signals.More » CarTronics: Escort Passport iQ - Two common pitfalls that afflict those on the road: getting lost and getting tickets.More » California Appeals Court Defends Red Light Cameras - California Court of Appeals ruling defended red light camera programs against a number of legal challenges.More escort Passport Max - 1 of 10 from Top-rated raam hoeren reviews of the week - With improved detection performance and fewer annoying false alerts, it certainly justifies its price tag.More » More Tickets in Hard Times - Cities searching for revenue look to their police departments as a way to cash.More » New York Governor David Patterson Pushes Speed Cameras - New York State budget includes proposal to generate 96 million in profit by 2012 through freeway photo radar.More » Speed Cameras Tear Apart Ohio Town - Elmwood Place, Ohio council resigns in advance of a court contempt hearing over the use of speed cameras.More » It Pays to Avoid a Speeding Ticket - Or Fight One - The best advice: don't speed.This erratic behaviour could be leading to the number of accidents which occur around speed cameras with the research showing that at least 28,000 road accidents have been triggered by speed cameras since 2001, as motorists slow down ahead of them and then speed.

The aclu's report is designed to give lawmakers a reason to re-think this course of action.
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The right to a meaningful appeal in a red light camera case does not exist in the state of Texas.