auto hover rising storm 2

Please note: The map should still be considered WIP for now, but we at AMG and TW are proud to be working alongside community contributors.
The servers files are now escort rs kaufen available to all admins.
Increased the critical arm and thigh zones to match Red Orchestra 2 values.Reduced the minimum instant death damage so that players no longer appear to survive headshots.The extent of the changes made vary on a per-item basis, so some may be more obvious than others.Sapper: Added 1 Type 67 Grenade, lowered MD82 mines from 5.Increased the bolting speed of bolt action rifles to be more in line with high level RO2 speeds.Increased responsiveness of weapons when colliding with the world.This map will now run more efficiently.The roles which receive the M2 Carbine are the US Grenadier and the US Pointman.Rising Storm 2: Vietnam General Discussions Topic Details.This addition rewards high-skill play, and should go some way towards addressing issues raised by the community regarding the recent rebalancing of the lethality of rifle cartridges.Fixed an issue where the delay for kill feed wasnt working correctly Fixed an issue where players were unable to open the map with M if the role selection screen was open at start of play Fixed an issue where Spooky strikes could be exploited.
Improved fog visuals on Riverbed to no longer use height fog in the actual river bed.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.
Separated options for automatic bolting and manual pumping in the settings menu.
The client files will begin rolling out shortly.
Any and all feedback is appreciated on these updated sounds.Fixed an issue in the SDK where having the ENV_VN_US fully loaded would result in an editor crash Fixed a crash on the SDK which would occur while scrolling through the vehicles package Gameplay Fixed an issue where teammate killers could avoid respawn penalty.Reworked pavn role loadouts to be better equipped when attacking.Additionally, both of these weapons can be equipped with bayonets.Fixed an issue where a grenade detonation in water would only show the top half of the PFX Fixed an issue where healing in the middle of throwing a grenade breaks animation Fixed a character customization issue where glasses would glow in the dark Fixed.In this update we are rolling out the first of what we hope will be many Community Maps, Ninh Phu, the first place winner of the first Mapping contest for RS2: Vietnam.