"Prostitution in Juba, the inside story".
148 4 Since the "Popular Revolution" in 1973, 149 laws based on Sharia law 's zina 150 are used against prostitutes; the punishment can be 100 lashes."Congo's street kids choose prostitution over death".Zambia edit Main article: Prostitution in Zambia Prostitution in Zambia is legal 11 4 and prostitutie duitsland common.4 Law enforcement is poor.Retrieved "Penal Code Act, 2010".Prijzen zijn onderhandelbaar, waarbij het belangrijkste doel is om de klant richting het hotel te krijgen.A number of women's groups supported this as strengthening marriage.De tijd wordt hier strak in de gaten houden."Underage prostitutes in Kamenge commune".
"2008 Human Rights Report: Madagascar".
97 Somalia edit Main article: Prostitution in Somalia Prostitution in Somalia is illegal.
By Shaden Shehab, Al escort wassenaar Ahram, 2228 February 2007 "The Virgin Prostitute!" by Marwa Rakha, American Chronicle, b El Saadawi, Narwal (1985).
Punishment is a fine and up to one year in prison, or 5 years if the case involves a minor.
"Legislation of Interpol member states on sexual offences against children - Zimbabwe" (PDF).
226 Some prostitutes in Ghana are campaigning for the sex trade to be legalised, 225 227 and discussions have taken place.4 There are estimated to be 315 prostitutes in the country.245 Nigeria has become a major exporter of women for prostitution."La OMS defiende la despenalización de la prostitución para reducir los contagios de VIH".Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.Many practised prostitution until they were married.Women, State, and Ideology: Studies from Africa and Asia.Morocco's increasing reputation for attracting foreign pedophiles made it sign various international treaties to deal with the problem.11 Equatorial Guinea edit Prostitution in Equatorial Guinea is illegal.9 Malawi edit Main article: Prostitution in Malawi Prostitution in Malawi is legal 11 4 69 and prevalent around hotels and bars in urban and tourist areas.

178 Prostitution takes place all over the country, particularly in border areas, transport corridors, Walvis Bay and the capital Windhoek.
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Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.